Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Hurt - Why Do I Continue To Be Hurt By Others?

Hurt can be a powerful weapon that distracts us. Many times we are hurt by someone and it draws up soooo many emotions: anger, sadness, depression, sometimes even hate. (John 14:15 -- If you love me, you will keep my commandments.) <----- If we focus on the scripture, we realize that in that state of mind it’s a hard thing to do. 2 of GODS commandments are love (2John 1:6) and forgiveness (Matthew 6:14.) If we are realistic these are difficult when the person requiring love and forgiveness hurts us, especially on a continued basis. But what good is righteousness that is never tested. How powerful will you realize you are unless your strength is tested? How will you know what areas to improve if they are not exposed? We tend to lose the main lesson that GOD tries to teach us because our flesh blocks HIS will from manifesting in our hearts. When someone does you wrong, it exposes YOUR WILLingness to keep GOD’s commandments because of your love for HIM. GOD says “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” So every hurt is an opportunity to show GOD how much you love HIM. Don’t allow someone’s actions force you to fall out of love with GOD by disobeying HIS commandments. We focus all of our attention, or most of it rather, on questions asking why someone will hurt us. The flesh needs no explanation. It is designed to disappoint and confuse you, and if you allow it, it will always be successful. Your ability to keep GOD’s commandments in the face of the adversary will strengthen and prove your love for GOD. So, if you are being hurt, the revelation is not in your understanding of THEIR actions nor in revenge, but it’s in YOUR ability to maintain obedience in spite of an attack. KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS. The best form of revenge is IMMEDIATE forgiveness. Realize that Victory was never presented to you as an option. IT ALREADY BELONGS TO YOU. Live it out!!!!


  1. Awesome post! Adversity exposes my willingness to keep God's commandments. DEEP. That hit home for me Mike! Keep letting God use you. You're a blessing!

  2. That's it DEmorise. You got it!!!! Thanks so much for reading. You're a blessing!

  3. Thank God I found this site, because I truly needed this word in 4:37 AM. Now I can go to bed and rest in God's arm..